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As we draw close to the end of 2019, I thought take we would have a look what’s going to be big for 2020!


Well, for a start – 2020 is gearing up to be THE year to get married! 

Perhaps it’s because people think it’s an easy year to remember (for anniversary purposes) or they just like the start of a new decade or even number, whatever it is – it’s certainly going to be big!

Numbers, and therefore dates, are particularly important to people for various reasons.

Couples pick certain dates because it’s meaningful to them or their family. 

It could be an anniversary of their engagement, first date, birthday or even a date their own parents got married on. Then, there are the couples who have cultural or traditional ties to certain dates/times.

Whatever the reason, if you have a certain date you want for 2020 – get moving now!


The days of marrying only on a Saturday have long gone – and the trend for mid-week weddings is rapidly increasing.

Saturdays are still the most popular day to get married; but be warned Saturdays generally come at premium cost.

Mid-week weddings are becoming popular mainly because it is more cost effective.

With the average wedding now costing $65,000 it’s no wonder couples are now marrying on different days of the week!

Most venues are now offering excellent mid-week packages so it’s worth considering.


Top of the wedding trend list is informal gatherings

Inviting all and sundry to your big day is no longer the trend, as couples opt for more intimate, meaningful celebrations with their nearest and dearest. 

This means couples can spend their budget more lavishly on a smaller group.

Also known as ‘micro weddings’ these occasions tend to have a smaller guest list of around 40 people or fewer.  

They can be formal or informal, and keep with tradition, or take a more modern approach – however, they tend to be a fusion of both. 

Also, since there is more budget per head, they lend themselves perfectly to bespoke soirees, which are remembered for personal touches throughout. This can range from private wine tasting to personalised favours as part of the big day celebrations. 

Most importantly of all, they also allow the bride and groom to spend quality time with each guest – one of the reasons for its surging popularity.

And let’s face it – wouldn’t that be better than saying a quick hi to everyone and keep on going so you make sure you have said hi to everyone!

But not everyone likes the small intimate wedding. You may have a big family or large circle of friends that you’d like to be with you on the day.

You can still have the formal reception, styled the way you want, but you can put your own touch to it by being creative in your choice of styling, food and drinks.

Depending on the venue, you could have Food Trucks, Grazing Platters and Feasting Tables which are all becoming a very popular alternative to the traditional 3 course sit-down dinner or buffet menu.

Other alternatives could be Cocktail truck for your signature Cocktail, Coffee Trucks, or a Cheese Tower instead of traditional type of deserts. Donut Walls and Lolly Bars are overdone a bit, but always popular.


Another big trend right now is for oversize decor and giant statements for that “Wow” Factor when your guests arrive at the Reception. 

Depending on the venue you could have your guests entering to dry ice, smoke flares and/or even fireworks.

Huge confetti or LED balloons and oversize centrepieces are also very popular.

Hanging floral chandeliers, decorated archways, LOVE letters, a personal greeting for your guests from Reception staff handing out champagne upon their arrival all contribute to the “Wow” factor and makes the guests experience even better.

Or you can hire a professional Styling Team who will work their magic and transform your space into a Wedding Wonderland.


Practicality and Simplicity seem to be the trend for 2020.

Dresses with pockets are the hot trend for 2020 which you can understand from a practical point of view.

Pockets can be easily concealed in your gown and come in handy if you want to carry out a touch up lippy or your phone.

Beautiful Lace gowns and gowns with trains are also trending.

Elegant, Chic dresses with a modern clean line, worn with a beautiful veil will be continue to make appearances in 2020 thanks to the inspiration of Megan Markle’s wedding dress.

Sleeves are making also making a comeback; usually styled with a backless dress to balance the dress out. 

This style of dress is particularly popular and generally has a medium to long train for the best effect. Back necklaces add to the effect and are also popular.


Flowers are a very important component of your day.

If styled beautifully, they can literally take your breath away.

Large blooms, Natives and lots of Greenery are trending in Bouquets and the Bouquets are LARGE!

Back in the day of the 1920s, Brides traditionally carried HUGE bouquets that generally consisted of Large White Lillies and White Roses with other florals surrounding them.

Now that trend has come back, with many brides adding their bridal party’s colours in there with their choice of flowers.

It’s all about getting creative too. Think about different ways that flowers can add a pop of colour to other parts of the day, from flowers frozen in ice-cubes, to floral hair weaves for the bridal party.

And when it comes to your bridal bouquet, it’s all about understated tidy bouquets with plenty of overflowing greenery for a majestic look.


Great lighting can make your wedding venue glisten in the moonlight and sizzle at sunset. 

Therefore, it’s no surprise that one of the top wedding trends of the year is for mood lighting. 

When the sun sets, the lights come on, be it an indoor or outdoor wedding reception, lights can set the tone and mood for your evening.

Think outside of the ‘box’ and look at different ways to integrate lighting in a unique way. 

From exposed bulbs to mini lampshades and vintage chandeliers to candles on a beach. 

There’s lots of different ways that you can bring a touch of sparkle to proceedings.

Personalised Neon signage and lights continue to be popular and make a great keep sake, just need the space.

This is just a brief outline of what to expect in 2020! It certainly is going a big year!

Why don’t you come along to the Marry Me Wedding Fair at Geelong and view some of the trends in person.

I will be at Stall 15 and I’d love to chat to you about your plans for your wedding!

Helen Williamson

Marry Me Helley Celebrant Service



Tips on how to have pets in your Wedding

 By Marry Me Helley (in partnership with Marry Me Wedding Fairs

 Do you love your pets as much as I do?

I simply adore my fur-babies and they are a big part of my life.

So, if you’re like me, and love those cuddles, puppy dog eyes, or wagging tails why not consider having them play a special part in your wedding!

And let’s not just think dogs, either!

Horses are also very popular, especially with our Equestrian Brides who love nothing better than to ride in on their beloved steed, dressed in their bridal glory!

What an entrance!

Alpacas, sheep, cows and even trained ducks & geese have been known to make an appearance at a wedding.

You could have any animal you want – provided your pet has the temperament to cope with being the centre of attention AND provided the venue where you are marrying, agrees!

As a celebrant who adores pets, I personally believe that having pets at your wedding is very special. 

After all – they are family, aren’t they?

Not only is it cute and endearing; but animals have a great way of injecting a bit of humour when you least expect it!

Such as the time I’m conducting a wedding and came to the “I do’s” asked the couple if they were ready to commit to marriage.

Before they had a chance to answer, their dog answered for them – barking loudly twice and we all burst out laughing! 

Moments like these are priceless and memorable and your photographer LOVES these opportunities!

So,  I thought I’d share with you some of my key tips on how to incorporate your pets into your Wedding, using dogs as an example:

· Ensure your venue is ‘pet-friendly’.  Check well in advance that pets are allowed at your chosen wedding venue. 

Most venues are much more receptive to this idea than they were a few years ago, provided the animal is well-behaved. And don’t just think you have to have an outdoor ceremony either. You can have your pets beside you inside a venue for the ceremony if the venue agrees and you prepare in advance.

· Secondly, a handler for your pet might come handy especially before, during and after the ceremony. They will ensure that your pet is comfortable and safe.

Choose someone familiar with the dog with the ability to calm and control it. Some of the weddings I’ve done, the couple have had brothers, sisters or other relatives look after the dog whilst the ceremony is underway.

· If you wish your dog to wear an outfit – it’s always good to get the outfit a few weeks in advance and make sure it’s comfortable and fits well. Let you dog wear it a few times, so they are used to the feel of the outfit. Don’t get the outfit TOO soon though, if your dog is like mine and might fluctuate a bit in weight as you want the outfit to fit well.

· A day or two before the big day – give your pup a pamper session or take them to the Groomers….You’re going to get glammed up so why not Fido!

· Take your dog to the location several times to train him/her before your special day just so he/she can be familiar with it. Include him/her in rehearsal too!

· It is absolutely essential you provide your pet with a water bowl as animals overheat quickly. Ensure it is within easy reach of where the dog is and that is it clean. A chew toy, something that will keep them occupied, is also a 

good idea if you wish. Food treats should be used as reward for good behaviour such as walking down the aisle or sitting quietly.

For example - In a recent wedding, Bane, the beautiful White Shepherd was looked after by the groomsmen during the ceremony. He was given treats occasionally when he got restless but otherwise, he was perfect!

Plus, he was a total scene stealer and loved the limelight, so he posed beautifully for photos!

· Before the ceremony – try to ensure the dog has a long walk, to not only tire him/her a bit, but to give them toilet breaks. This will hopefully quieten them down by the time the ceremony commences.

I’m proud to say that Marry Me Helley has conducted many weddings with Pets included in the Bridal party. 

We even provide the couple a suitable outfits and have many to choose from.

We also provide a blanket and water bowls for the ceremony.

Finally, we have also introduced a concierge service which is where we will take them home, play with them, feed them and lock up before leaving.

That way, no one is missing the celebrations taking the pets home!

Oh, and they get seat-belted in for safety too!

If you would like some more info, come and talk to me personally at the Geelong Expo on 15th December where I'm giving a talk! 

I’d love to meet you (and your fur-babies)!